Press Releases

No. Press Release Date File
1. Obituary 26-Jan-2023
2. Contempt of Court 10-Nov-2020
3. Dimissed the case 10-Nov-2020
4. SAC has dimissed the case of Election Petition 28-Oct-2020
5. Suo motu notices 22-Oct-2020
6. Visit of Registrar SAC Mr. Niaz Muhammed Khan to Sub Registry District Ghizer 08-Oct-2020
7. Video Conferencing in SAC 06-Oct-2020
8. Nalter Road Construction 25-Sept-2020
9. Grand operation to arrest 600 Proclaimed offenders 22-Sep-2020
10. Proclaimed offenders 4-Sep-2020
11. Rights of Government Employees 3-Sep-2020
12. Water shortage in Skardu 29-Aug-2020
13. Independance day Celebration 16-Aug-2020